Monday, May 14, 2012

Sponge Rollers

I mentioned rolling my hair in rollers for Saturday in my last post. I have been trying pin curls here for a while, and really I don't like them. I am so glad I tried sponge rollers again. I think they are my favorite set set and they don't hurt much to sleep on! I actually really liked how they turned out. I just wish that I had better pictures....

Me in rollers
On a side note, I was looking through a Knit Picks catalog and noticed the Rocky Shores eBook. I thought the sweaters in it were pretty and then I realized that all the patterns are named after places on the Oregon Coast! Eeee! If I had not mentioned it previously, I LOVE Oregon, and I go there at least once a year, so looks like I will have to get this eBook and make an Oregon inspired piece, maybe even while in Oregon.

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