Friday, May 4, 2012

Sewing Faux Pas

With finals and wedding plans I really have not done a while lot of crafty things lately. I was getting pretty bummed about that so I did a search for easy skirt tutorials. I found a pretty great one on Ruffles and Stuff and thought I would give it a try. So I got some cotton fabric and got to it. Unfortunately mine did not turn out as cute as hers. First, I think I made it too long, second I picked a pretty stiff fabric and I think I would have liked a bit more drapeyness, and third I made the elastic waistband too big. I got it done quick, but will probably not actually wear it. I might try this again, but make changes to avoid the above mentioned problem.The tutorial was GREAT, just the user(me) was not as great at carrying out the process.....

The pictures really don't make it look all that bad, but believe me, it is in person!

He said "You just saw a ghost!" But I think the face still applies to how I feel about the skirt...

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