Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make it With Wool 2012 Installment 1

Back in 2008 I decided it would be a great idea to participate in the Nevada Make it With Wool competition. I was a decent knitter, so I decided a hand knit top would be perfect and I figured a skirt could not be that hard to make. So I downloaded a Burda Style pattern and got some yarn and made me an outfit. This skirt was the first thing I had ever sewn and the top was the first actual garment piece I had knit. Even the story sounds like a hot mess. The result was a hot mess. The top was too low and I still think it looks more like a maternity top than one I would like to wear all the time. The skirt was even worse. The directions were written for someone with a lot more skills than I had and the fabric was not the best choice either. But I still got third place! (Out of four....)I actually have worn the skirt since then and I guess it is not THAT bad, but still not that great either.
Nevada Make it With Wool 2008
Since then I have been planning my comeback, though not that intently seeing as it has been four years now. Right now this Butterick pattern is the one I am thinking about using. With either a dark green or burgundy wool suiting. I also want to do some bead embroidery on the bottom of it. I have until August to get this little number done. I would like to make a test one first, then get on to the real thing.


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