Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wedding Planning Part 1

Goodness gracious! Planning a wedding is pretty time consuming, in case you did not already know that.... I now have three weeks until the big day! Eek! Time is going by FAST! I am just hoping that it comes together okay in the end, which I am sure it will!

So here is my first in wedding planning goodness!
This is where we will be married. It is the Reno LDS temple.

This is where the reception is! It is in the gym of the church that we go to.
These are the favors. They are in petri dishes (my mad scientist coming out!) with engagement pictures inside AND personalized M&Ms.

The invitations. My mom made the reply cards. Pretty talented!

This is my dress. It is my grandma's dress and this is a picture from her wedding. The sleeves are now satin though because they were falling apart.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Bona fide Post

I think that word fits...It's a little fancy for me, so sorry if my usage of bona fide is not quite right....Finally I am posting a blog with pictures! Lately with school and wedding planning and all that jazz I have not been getting "pretty". I usually wake up and put my hair into a ponytail, or bun if I am feeling a little like getting ready. Today I made an exception. I went through my closet and this is the result! I even painted my nails! Wow. I feel like I am going all out today! :P
I got these shoes last fall and it is finally warm enough to wear em!

Nails, shoes and ring! For my first attempt at the half-moon manicure I think I did alright.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Exercising Shout Out

Okay, so I do not want you to think I am suddenly going to transform this blog into a fitness/health blog, but I did want to do a little shout out. I came across this through a Facebook friend and decided that it would not hurt to join. So far I have actually done some kind of exercising each day! Which for me is something. Granted I am not doing a while huge ton, but I figure a little is better than nothing! Also, they send an email with a challenge everyday. So I just wanted to share this in case anyone out there wanted to join also.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Virginia is for Lovers

For spring break I went Virginia! We were visiting the place that Alex served a mission for two years. A wonderful family let us stay with them and I was able to meet a lot of people that he met and got to know when he was out there. Here are some pictures from the trip!

Part of the WWII memorial. There were a lot of these along the way.

Thought these signs for the metro were cute

At the Washington D.C. temple