Friday, May 11, 2012

NYX Lips

I am trying to figure out my make-up ad hair for my wedding. In reality, I am probably spending a lot more in buying all the stuff than getting my make-up and hair done the day of! But, as my friend pointed out, if I do it myself I will look like me, instead of letting someone else do it. I am going to set my hair tonight for another test and will post about that tomorrow-or within the next few days. But today I went and got some NYX products. I watched this video from Lisa Freemont Street and decided to get some of the NYX products. I got lip liner in Plush Red, soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo and lipstick in Snow White. I would have to say I like it, I especially like that it is a matte lip color. I am going to pick up my dress tomorrow and may have to try it and see how I like it! Also, I did my hair in pin curls two nights ago and just brushed it and pinned one side back. I think I like second day curls more than first day ones.


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