Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding Part One

Here are just a few pictures from the wedding! It was a beautiful day and everything turned out wonderful!
When I get really happy my face looks like this....But this one shows the whole dress.

Me and my dad

I walked up a hill to take this one, but it was totally worth it!

He held it up because it was heavy and so it did not get dirty.
Our photo booth

The reception room

Bridesmaids and one of my flower girls waiting to go

Friday, May 18, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sponge Rollers

I mentioned rolling my hair in rollers for Saturday in my last post. I have been trying pin curls here for a while, and really I don't like them. I am so glad I tried sponge rollers again. I think they are my favorite set set and they don't hurt much to sleep on! I actually really liked how they turned out. I just wish that I had better pictures....

Me in rollers
On a side note, I was looking through a Knit Picks catalog and noticed the Rocky Shores eBook. I thought the sweaters in it were pretty and then I realized that all the patterns are named after places on the Oregon Coast! Eeee! If I had not mentioned it previously, I LOVE Oregon, and I go there at least once a year, so looks like I will have to get this eBook and make an Oregon inspired piece, maybe even while in Oregon.

Friday, May 11, 2012

NYX Lips

I am trying to figure out my make-up ad hair for my wedding. In reality, I am probably spending a lot more in buying all the stuff than getting my make-up and hair done the day of! But, as my friend pointed out, if I do it myself I will look like me, instead of letting someone else do it. I am going to set my hair tonight for another test and will post about that tomorrow-or within the next few days. But today I went and got some NYX products. I watched this video from Lisa Freemont Street and decided to get some of the NYX products. I got lip liner in Plush Red, soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo and lipstick in Snow White. I would have to say I like it, I especially like that it is a matte lip color. I am going to pick up my dress tomorrow and may have to try it and see how I like it! Also, I did my hair in pin curls two nights ago and just brushed it and pinned one side back. I think I like second day curls more than first day ones.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make it With Wool 2012 Installment 1

Back in 2008 I decided it would be a great idea to participate in the Nevada Make it With Wool competition. I was a decent knitter, so I decided a hand knit top would be perfect and I figured a skirt could not be that hard to make. So I downloaded a Burda Style pattern and got some yarn and made me an outfit. This skirt was the first thing I had ever sewn and the top was the first actual garment piece I had knit. Even the story sounds like a hot mess. The result was a hot mess. The top was too low and I still think it looks more like a maternity top than one I would like to wear all the time. The skirt was even worse. The directions were written for someone with a lot more skills than I had and the fabric was not the best choice either. But I still got third place! (Out of four....)I actually have worn the skirt since then and I guess it is not THAT bad, but still not that great either.
Nevada Make it With Wool 2008
Since then I have been planning my comeback, though not that intently seeing as it has been four years now. Right now this Butterick pattern is the one I am thinking about using. With either a dark green or burgundy wool suiting. I also want to do some bead embroidery on the bottom of it. I have until August to get this little number done. I would like to make a test one first, then get on to the real thing.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Sewing Faux Pas

With finals and wedding plans I really have not done a while lot of crafty things lately. I was getting pretty bummed about that so I did a search for easy skirt tutorials. I found a pretty great one on Ruffles and Stuff and thought I would give it a try. So I got some cotton fabric and got to it. Unfortunately mine did not turn out as cute as hers. First, I think I made it too long, second I picked a pretty stiff fabric and I think I would have liked a bit more drapeyness, and third I made the elastic waistband too big. I got it done quick, but will probably not actually wear it. I might try this again, but make changes to avoid the above mentioned problem.The tutorial was GREAT, just the user(me) was not as great at carrying out the process.....

The pictures really don't make it look all that bad, but believe me, it is in person!

He said "You just saw a ghost!" But I think the face still applies to how I feel about the skirt...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Rings

 The Legend of the Wedding Ring

Author Unknown
 In a far off country many centuries ago, 
A kind young king was married to a princess he loved. 
Together they lived happily 
Until they learned one day that duties were to force 
The king to journey far away. 
One night, before he left, 
He tossed some pebbles into a moonlit pool
 On the palace grounds 
As he sat thinking of his lovely Queen.
 Something wonderful occurred to him 
As the lovely ripples widened, 
From where the little pebbles had fallen. 
The next day, 
Remembering the glistening circles he had seen, 
He had a gold ring made
 To fit the finger of his Queen. 
"There is no ending or beginning 
To the circle of this band", 
The King said as he slipped it on her finger,
 "And that is why I have chosen this golden ring 
To be a pledge to you- 
My love will last through all eternity."
 And so, since that time, 
A golden ring has been a symbol 
Of the beauty of devotion 
And the beauty of the endlessness of love.

I thought that little poem was nice. I got his ring in the mail on Monday! I was so excited! I purchased it on Etsy from Brent and Jess. I saw these rings a few years back and fell in love with them! I thought the fingerprint was the neatest thing. I was worried that it would either not arrive on time (I waited until last minute to order it...) or that it would not fit. Luckily it came before the wedding AND it fits!

P.S. His is the lower ring, mine is the top one in case you were wondering. :P