Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bountiful Baskets Prelude

I am trying to get better at cooking food, and by cooking I mean not just heating something up in the microwave. I was going gung-ho with menu planning until I got pregnant...and sick...and the thought of the kitchen made me nauseous. I have been trying again, now that I am not sick, to menu plan and make meals again. I cannot say I really enjoy the process, but it is growing on me. This last week both my husband and I were home at the same time for dinner one night! I decided that would be the day to fire up the grill and make some kabobs! We used pieces from our Bountiful Basket-pineapple, onion and green peppers- and some mushrooms because we love them and chicken that had been marinated in a little marinade packet mix. This was served over some brown rice and we both liked it! Success!

All pictures were taken by my husband!


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