Wednesday, February 6, 2013

24 Weeks

I got this dress last month for a black and white themed event. It is not a maternity dress. I went to the maternity store and didn't find anything I liked! I am still in an awkward in between stage, which I have decided I am glad about because that means I can wear normal clothes...minus jeans, they are just too tight.

Some little side notes-I have so many pictures, that I think they make up for all my words this time!

*I have been having problems for a while with my eyeliner smudging onto my eye creases. I just bought some new eyeliner (Almay) and am hoping that it solves the problem

*Have you heard of Bountiful Baskets? It is a really neat thing and I will probably post about it here very soon. I got my first one almost 2 weeks ago and am getting another this Saturday.

*I just found this dress from Sense and Sensibility patterns. I am trying to decide if my belly will fit underneath it or if I should just wait until after baby.


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