Monday, January 16, 2012

Sewing 2011

I have realized that I accomplished a lot less this past year than I had thought! I could only find six sewing projects that I completed in the last year. I am hoping to get a bit more than that done this year.

Skirt 1: This was made from a black and white suiting material-I think. I used the full circle skirt pattern from, though I believe it was called the Marylin skirt and I cannot seem to find the pattern on there now. The waistband is rather funky on it, but I usually just hide that with a belt.

Skirt 2: I used a brown gabardine for this one. I used the same circle skirt pattern for this one. I still do not have a button on the waistband yet. Oh well.

Dress 1: This is my first dress! I used a cotton fabric.

Dress 2: I love this one! I fell in love with the Colette patterns because of this dress. (It is the Crepe dress) I just forgot to leave an opening for the waistband. Oops!

Dress 3: I followed the tutorial on Casey's Elegant Musings. Add some heels and this little number is quite feminine and springy.

Dress 4: I wore this to the CAKE concert I went to. I really like this one, too. I added the sleeves to it and put the lace on the collar.

And here's to sewing more in 2012!


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