Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pink and Flowery Crepe

I have finished my second dress! My friend and I went to dinner and he had said to "dress nice" and I figured what a perfect excuse to finish up this little number! It was a pretty easy project, I am just not great at finishing things. I got this pattern a couple of months ago, and mostly because they are kind of pricey I traced the whole thing on to 1mm think painter's plastic drop cloth stuff, which was kind of a pain, but definitely worth it  to still have the original pattern to go back to later if need be. I put an interlining on the top part of the dress because it is somewhat see through. I have a white slip, so I was too lazy to line the bottom! I made the dress in size 4 and made no alterations at all.  I am very pleased with this dress and think that I would like to make another sometime in a less fancy fabric so that it could be more of an everyday type dress.

Dress Back

Another one of the back of the dress
More front of the dress!

I feel so diva-like in this one! haha

Walking towards my self timing camera!

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  1. You look amazing in that dress! Your friend must be one VEEERRRYY lucky guy!